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Technology Teams

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The Burning Man Technology Teams build and maintain technology solutions for the Burning Man staff, project and extended community. Our offices in San Francisco and Gerlach, NV have growing networks with file, database, extranet and web servers and we have a thriving collection of highly skilled folks who contribute to our ongoing development, system administration and website projects. Our teams are comprised mostly of rock star volunteers and everyone is committed to ongoing support year-round. There are a lot of ways that you can get your burning geek on.
Engineering Team

The Engineering team supports our many website applications such as the on-playa and yearround calendars, the e-playa, surveys and polls, online questionnaires, and other tools like the Image and Playa Artifacts galleries. In addition, we have ongoing development of our internal Extranet site and a handful of internal databases which are crucial to Burning Man operations. A number of current and upcoming projects are based on the open source content management system Plone, so Plone or Python (the language in which it’s written) skills are particularly useful. We also have trainings in these areas for those interested in learning. Other skills that would be helpful include Php, Perl, MySQL, and FileMaker.
System Administration Team

It’s absolutely critical to keep our servers and networks operational throughout the year, and our System Administration Team is dedicated to that cause. Our technology needs have grown over the past several years and our technical infrastructure has not kept up with the pace. If you’re an experienced Unix administrator, we could use your help. Skills that would be especially useful include knowledge of Debian, FreeBSD, Qmail, configuration engines, Shorewall, rdiff-backup, and linux kernel compiling and tuning.
Web Team is Burning Man’s main online presence. It provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on important topics like ticket sales and theme camp planning. It is an interactive online extension of our playa experience and is a robust archive of Burning Man history. The Burning Man Web Team is responsible for the care and feeding of this important tool for our community. It takes many skills to continually maintain and improve this website, and we can always use help from htmlers, designers, photo jockeys, user experience experts, information architects, editors, content writers, and project managers. If you are a web monkey, come put your brain into the mix and help us make a bad-ass website.

The Technology Teams have a volunteer intake twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, combined with a series of training sessions to help you help us. If you are learning new skills or don’t have tons of time available, don’t worry, we can still use your help with special projects and QA and we value your insight and input in team discussions.